FOP Cheat Sheet

Here is a short overview of all FOP predicates, data types and much more.

Datatype Description Remarks
text a single one-line string
bigtext a multi-line string in tables, only one line and ... is displayed
html a multi-line formatted text provides a html editor, be careful with user input
website a clickable website URL
email a clickable email address
iban european bank transfer ID (IBAN) the input gets formatted and checked
password encrypted password using php's method (currently blowfish)
password_raw unencrypted password don't use it for authentication, avoid whenever possible
boolean either 0 or 1
custom boolean type either 0 or 1, but adds explaination text see BooleanText
integer a integer, step 1
double a floating point number
custom numeric type with unit select how many decimals it has, add a unit see DataType
date date consisting of day, month, year stored as unix timestamp
datetime date consisting of day, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds stored as unix timestamp
time time with hours minutes and seconds stored as the number of seconds since 0:00:00
historydatetime inputs a date/time, displays the time difference between now and then stored as unix timestamp
color a pickable HTML color code
file an arbitrary file up/download
file-preview an arbitrary file up/download that shows a preview of images and PDF files
image a image upload / display image in tables, the image is scaled down
custom dropdown integer dropdown that let's you select fixed options and stores an integer see DropdownDatatypeInt
custom dropdown string dropdown that let's you select fixed options and stores a text see DropdownDatatypeString
custom dropdown table items dropdown that let's you select an item from a table and stores it's reference see DropdownDatatypeTable
custom radio select table items radio buttons that show extensive information about a table item to choose see FancyDatatypeTable